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Schussler Salts for Intestinal Health

In a hectic and fast-paced city like Hong Kong, people are always busy with work and eat with irregular schedules which affects gastrointestinal health. Advertisements are seen in all kinds of public media promoting probiotics which shows how a majority of the city are affected with intestinal complaints. Schussler Salts (aka mineral therapy) use the three main minerals support intestinal function.

Schüssler-Trio to Fortify your Intestinal Health

No.4 Potassium chloride:

The salt for the mucous membranes is used to strengthen the intestinal surface. It assists in inflammations of the mucous membrane, supports glandular activity and detoxification. Furthermore, it has a levelling effect on the fluid balance, stimulates protein- and carbohydrate metabolism.

No. 9 Sodium phosphate:

The salt for the metabolism has a regulating effect on the acid-base balance. It supports the decomposition of acids, regulates fat metabolism, and also assists in case of heartburn and gastric acidosis.

No. 10 Sodium sulphate

The salt for inner cleansing supports excretion. It helps to transport excess fluid from the body and strengthens excretion via liver and gall. Harmful decomposition- and metabolic products are better discharged

Suggested Dosage for Intestinal Support

Morning - No.10 x 2 tablets

Lunch - No.4 x 2 tablets

Night - No.9 x 2 tablets

Tablets to be dissolved in the mouth and absorbed through buccal muscosa. It does not matter whether the tablets are taken before or after meals.

Further Expert-Advice for the Intestine

  1. Bowel care requires dietary fibres. 30 g a day is recommended; most people consume just 20 g. and yet fibres from vegetables, fruit, legumes and dried fruit, whole grain, linseed, bran, and nuts are very essential, as they accelerate the intestinal passage and are fodder for the “good” intestinal bacteria. •

  2. Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in high-fat saltwater fish, avocado, and linseed oil, improve the microbiome and arrest inflammations. Fresh herbs and spices such as caraway seed, fennel or coriander act anticonvulsive and digestive.

  3. Make sure to chew all meals slowly and thoroughly. By doing so, less air is swallowed and there are less putrefactive substances. Besides, the bowel needs less energy for digestion.

Extracted from Schüssler Express #101


German Association of Biochemistry


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