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Mineral Therapy

History of Mineral Therapy

In the early nineteenth Century, Doctor W.H. Schuessler – renowned German physiological chemist and physicist, identified 12 “tissue salts“, which he located in every human cell. These tissue salts or “cell salts“ are vital mineral constituents of the body. They combine with organic substances in the body to produce and maintain the infinite number of tissue-cells of which the human body is composed. Thus, any cell salt deficiency or imbalance may result in illness – the symptoms varying according to the deficient “biochemic“ cell salts. Dr Schuessler found that if the body was lacking in any of these salts, loss of health occurred. However he went on to state that if the deficiency was corrected, the body could in fact, heal itself.

Dr. Schuessler had also realised that internal metabolic disorders will reflect externally, for instance in changes to the facial skin, the eyes, nails and tongue. A whole theory of facial diagnostics was subsequently detailed, which helps to identify patients' mineral deficiency based on external signs.

Principles behind Mineral Therapy


The human body contains twelve essential mineral (tissue) salts, a correct balance of which must be maintained in order to ensure normal cell function and the maintenance of good health.


Any disruption to this balance – and we have a situation we call “illness“.


A normal balance of these vital mineral salts can be re-established with the administration of the deficient mineral in a readily assimilated form, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore the cells.

Can I overdose on minerals?

While it is easy to overdose on "trace elements" as the body’s need for trace elements is minimal, it is safe and free of side effects to use essential minerals because the body uses two ways of self protection in this case.

1) The resorption rate of the bowel adapts to the needs: in case of a deficiency, permeable rate is at maximum; if the body receives sufficient, and the permeable rate reduces to a minimum.

2) Even if too much enters the blood, the excess is quickly discharged via the kidneys – providing kidney function is at optimum.

It is important to note that Schuessler`s Biochemic Cell Salts are NOT drugs, but valuable micro dose cell foods prepared homeopathically in an extremely subdivided form which ensures rapid and easy assimilation, for the speedy restoration of the natural balance of the body system.

Having said that, there are contraindications to be considered such as kidney insufficiency that requires dialysis.  It is not our intention to replace professional guidance or medical consultation should any disease arises.

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