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Alex Sutton



Biochemist (specialising in the inorganic elements of the organism) practises the Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy – in accordance with the teachings of Dr. Schuessler and the principles of the German Association of Biochemistry (BBD).

Alex Sutton has a number of established, and regular clinics throughout the world including:


  • Singapore 

  • Hong Kong

  • Indonesia: Jakarta, Malang, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya


  • Scotland  


  • Norway: Haugesund 

  • Denmark: Copenhagen 


  • Frankfurt and Koblenz 


Alex is the founder of the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) branches in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, on which behalf Alex provides lectures, workshops for professional members of the community and seminars for members of the public on the fascinating subject of “Mineral Therapy".

Alex lectures extensively throughout the world on behalf of the German Association of Biochemistry, and is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts on the subject of inorganic biochemistry and the works of Dr. Schuessler.

Consultant biochemist to the German Association of Biochemistry - Asia Pacific Branch and the EU Institute of Biochemistry.

Responsibilities of appointment:

  • Formation of and assistance to all branches within the Asia Pacific Region.

  • All English language enquiries – and correspondence

  • Translation of books and articles from German to English (etc)

  • Provision of lectures and workshops for Professional groups / persons / members of the public / special groups – on behalf of the Biochemischer Bund Deutschlande e.V.

B. Sc – Biochemistry
B. A. – English
B. Bus. – Business studies
B. App. Sci – (Medical Trauma)
Ass. Diploma – Human Relations.

Research Interests – Biochemic Approach to:

  • Osteoporosis: causes - prevention and cure

  • Gastro Reflux Disease: causes – prevention and cure

  • Epilepsy: causes - prevention

Areas of particular interest:

  • Special Needs Children

Professional Organisation Membership:

  • Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Institute of Biochemistry (Germany) Biochemischer Bund Deutschlands (e.V.)

  • Institute of Natural Medicine (Germany)

  • Institute of Natural Health Research (Germany)

  • Australian Institute of Management

Author of:

  • Magnesium an essential element of Life – Magnesium Phosphate ISBN 0-9578704-0-X

  • A Guide to Biochemic Nutrition ISBN 0-9578-704-2-6

  • A Guide to the Biochemic Health Therapies of Dr. med W.H. Schuessler ISBN 0-578704-1-8

  • A pocket Guide to Facial diagnostics ISBN 0-646-412027

Alex Sutton has over 35 years of experience practising the Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy of Dr. Schuessler. Considerable work continues to be dedicated to the intellectually and physically disabled members of the community, Alex  has worked in these fields for many years both in Scandinavia, Asia, Australia and Germany.

According to biochemistry, health is dependent upon the quantity and equalization of the organic and inorganic constituents in the body. A deficiency of one or more of the inorganic constituents will cause a train of symptoms, varying according to the inorganic salt that is lacking, a condition known as disease.  It is a logical way of assisting Nature with Nature’s own weapon

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