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Alex Sutton in Hong Kong

We are happy to announce that Alex Sutton will be back in Hong Kong this March.

So... what's it like to be in a Mineral Therapy evaluation session?

In Mineral Therapy, rather than treating the symptoms, the "roots" or causes of the complaints are the keys for accurate diagnosis and effective prescription. We always asks "why" before recommending treatment and not just "what".

Each session lasts about an hour and may vary depending on complexity of cases. Before the appointment, you will receive a comprehensive health questionnaire to fill in. It includes questions about your diet, your lifestyle, your medical history to help us understand more. Bring with you also any medical reports, or medication you're currently taking.

After going through the questionnaire, facial diagnostic will be done in a way not unlike Chinese medicine practitioner. Amazingly our complexion and certain features (veins, pores and eye bags!) can often tell us what minerals we are lacking!

If you are interested to know more, write us an email @ or join our mailing list for more updates.

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