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Infection Control Starts From YOU

The city is facing another tough challenge ahead with the new coronavirus outbreak. As the medical profession has not yet mastered the treatment of the new virus, all we can do is to strengthen our defense by boosting our immune system. Although it may not be able to resist the new virus, we can at least reduce the chance of catching common colds and flu, and give yourself and your loved ones a peace of mind. Keeping yourself healthy not only keeps you away from high-risk places such as hospitals or clinics, but also reduce the burden on front line medical staff.

Mineral Prescription for Immunity Boost

German experts on Schuessler Tissue Salts suggest using [3 + 7 + 6] to strengthen the body's defense system

No.3 Ferrum phosphate -> fights for all kinds of infections in their initial stage.

No.7 Magnesium phosphate -> alleviate muscle pains and tensions.

No.6 Potassium sulphate -> enhance the healing process of inflammations of mucous membranes (such as bronchitis)

[Recommended usage]:

Morning: 2 tablets x No. 3

Afternoon: 2 tablets x No.7

Evening: 2 tablets x No.6

Continue for 4-6 weeks


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