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Healing from Mother Nature

Oftentimes I came across customers asking what minerals to take when this or that symptoms appear. Instead of giving him or her a prescription, I would ask a question: Have you had enough water? Have you had some fresh air? Have you had enough rest?

I always believe that Mother Nature has provided us with remedies for most of our body's complaints. So much so that I have given it a name; the WATERS healing principle. Yes if this become a trendy thing (who knows), do give me some credit.

W: Water

A: Air

T: Time

E: Earth (minerals came from the earth)

R: Rest

S: Sun

Each of the above elements needs no further explanation. Everyone knows how important they are to our health and well-being. Yet most of us tend to opt for medication or even surgical intervention too easily. We want the symptoms to disappear as quickly as possible without giving the body time to heal itself.

I have witnessed numerous cases where expensive and unnecessary surgeries were avoided with the use of mineral therapy together with some patience! Next time your body complains, give Mother Nature a chance and use the gifts she has given us!

Disclaimer: We are not against western medicine and the contents on this website is not intended to replace medical investigation or treatment. Seek professional advice when symptoms appear.


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