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Face to face with COVID

Since the "debut" of COVID in 2019, the whole world has turned topsy-turvy affecting every aspect of our daily lives.

For a brief moment, I thought I would be one of those minority who managed to dodge COVID forever until the last breed disappears from this universe. But I was wrong.

COVID decided to visit my family just when I was busy preparing for Xmas and steal my holiday completely. But it's ok, I greeted him (maybe her) with an open heart and still feeling grateful for the timing. At least I can now share my first hand experience overcoming COVID with natural remedies alone, mainly with minerals. Me and my son turned negative after Day 5 (The day of first positive was Day zero).

Here is what I did over the course.

(Disclaimer: Everyone is different. Adding other factors such as chronic diseases and immunocompromised conditions, please monitor your own situation and seek medical advice as needed)

(reduce dosage to half for children under 3)

[For low fever] No.3 No. 4 x 1 each every hour until it comes down

(my son's fever lasted for just one morning, and came down after 3 doses).

[For high fever, if applicable] No.5 x 2 very hour [For sore throat] No.3 No. 4 x 1 each 3-6 times a day

In addition to minerals, my son had a bad sore throat and couldn't take in any food. But he loved it when we made him a drink with NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA- elm bark syrup super soothing.

[Cough with phlegms and mucous]

No. 6 . Take 1-2 tablets x 3-6 times a day

[Runny nose, sneezes, nasal congestion, dry nose] No. 8. Take 1-2 tablets x 3-6 times a day or until symptoms subside.

[Dry Cough/Body Aches]

Dissolve No. 7x 5-10 tablets with No.2 x 2-3 tablets in 500ml hot water bottle

Drink at least 4 bottles a day

On top of that:

Gargle with antimicrobial mouthwash or salt water

If you have more than just one or two symptoms and this is too much trouble to take them separately, dissolve the above tablets into the water and drink up.

(No. 8 to be taken separately)

Once most of the symptoms are under control. Can start the cleansing cycle as follows:

Day 1:

No.6 x 2

3 times a day

Day 2:


3 times a day

Day 3:


3 times a day

(repeat the cycle again if needed)

*children under 3 years old: take half the dose (can break tablet into half) or dissolve in your milk formula *seek medical consultation if symptoms persist or if fever lingers * the best medicine is warm water, rest, if possible the sun, and a great immune system.


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