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Eczema? Or is it not?

One of the first reasons that got me into mineral therapy is my son's major dermatitis....aka the infamous "eczema".

From Dr. Alex Sutton, I learnt that every symptom is a reflection of cellular imbalance. It's of utmost importance to find out what caused the imbalance and correct it, as opposed to just treating the symptoms (which is what most drugs do). In my son's case, it was chicken egg and the aftermath of an unattended healing crisis after consulting another homeopath who failed to follow through.

We removed eggs from the diet and any potential allergens and started Dr. Alex Sutton's prescription diligently. It may have taken me 4 long months of painstaking persistence, but the result is nothing short of a miracle! 🙏🏻😉

I also noticed that doctors and patients in general tend to think what they have is "eczema". And even if it is eczema, different triggers may call for different treatments. Applying corticosteroid cream to all patients does nothing more than masking the real issues!

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