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Mineral Cream - Skincare Therapy for mask-wearing

As social distancing measures begin to relax, the streets of Hong Kong are back to the usual hustle and bustle. Hong Kong people have always been self-disciplined, but wearing masks under extreme heat and humidity makes skin irritation like sores and pimples inevitable leading to the new term - "maskne" .

Many people already know that Dr.Schuessler Tissue Salts come with a cream collection.

Each mineral has its own unique function that can be used topically to protect our skin.

The following is a list of common complaints received recently and the recommended cream treatment:

  • Cracked and chapped skin from too much handwashing => 🔸 No.1 (also good for housewife's dermatitis)

  • Prevents inflammation on damaged skin => 🔸No.3

  • Boost metabolism and helped flatten acne bumps => 🔸No.4

  • Bad acne skin, with flaky and itchy skin => 🔸No.6

  • Rosacea => 🔸No.9

  • Restore skin and help remove acne scars => 🔸No.11

Use a bean-size amount of cream and apply gently over the area and it will be absorbed by the skin easily. The cream is fragrance and steroid-free, will not clog pores, and is absolutely safe to use with no side effects.

But of course, (so the disclaimer goes), if symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Click here ➡ to BUY NOW Like, Follow, and See First our Facebook page and Instagram

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