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ADHD and Mineral Deficiency

What's considered "hyper" activity? What's considered attention "deficit"? How do you measure what the "norm" is? Are children expected to sit through quietly throughout a class to be considered "normal"?

A parent once told me that her 7-year-old son's class teacher has referred half of the class to receive psychological assessment because they were not paying attention in class! Before calling them attention deficit, the teacher should ask herself if she can change the way she teaches, and not the way the children learn, and certainly not by giving them drugs!

Regardless of how your child is being "labelled" , minerals can help by keeping them calm and relaxed. When the brain calms down, neurons fire in an organized manner and enable learning in a more efficient and effective fashion.

No. 5 Potassium (Kali) Phosphate

It's the super food for brain cells and mood stabilizer.

No.7 Magnesium Phosphate Relaxes the nervous and muscular system, helps relieve from exhaustion due to emotional upset.

No. 11 Silica Other than being the mineral for skin, nails and hair, its deficiency may also be related to the hypersensitivity of sound and light.

How to take: Dissolve 2 tablets of each 3 times a day.

Always ask your healthcare professional before using Schuessler Salts

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