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A successful seminar!

We had a great evening last week. Despite being a little cramped in the seating arrangement (cuz we didn't expect so many of you, yeah!) everyone seems to enjoy the seminar very much.

Alex Sutton, Chairman of the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) shared with us the principles of biochemistry in a simple way and explained why these essential minerals are key to our everyday health.

Nomita Hathiramani, holistic nutritionist consultant, also shared with us some common deficiency in women that caused symptoms such as PMS, insomnia, etc.

Some lucky ones in the audience got free demonstration on facial diagnostics, that is, telling deficiency by looking at facial signs, veins, tongue, colors etc...

While we do not intend to encourage self-diagnosis of illnesses or delay in seeking medical advice, Mineral Therapy certainly empowers many families in tackling many everyday issues. This is the mission that keeps me going, despite all the time and effort out of an already busy schedule.

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