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Rhino-Pflüger® nasal spray

Rhino-Pflüger® nasal spray

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on 2 reviews

For supporting treatment of nasal congestion and for cleaning and moisturising the nasal mucosa. 


Preservative Free, Steroid Free, Side-effect Free. Suitable for all ages and safe to use during pregnancy.

  • Product Info

    Isotonic saline solution (Sodium chloride 0.9%) with a combination of 5 minerals:

    • Calcium Phosphate - regenerates
    • Ferrum Phosphate - anti-inflammatory
    • Potassium Chloride - purifying
    • Potassium Sulphate - cleansing
    • Magnesium Phosphate - supports lymphatic drainage

    Manufactured in Germany, its innovative spray system - special 3K-airfilter - protects the solution from contamination and guarantees maximal security without the need for preservatives. 

  • How to use

    Recommended Dosage:
    Children under 2 years: 1 puff in each nostril several times a day as required.
    Children over the age of 2  and adults: 1 – 2 puffs in each nostril
    (1 puff = 0.14 ml) several times a day as required.

    How to administer:

    • Clean your nostrils.
    • Open the protective cap. Before first use, activate the spray trigger a few times until the spray comes out.
    • Gently insert the spray head into your nostril, press both sides of the spray head once to release the spray.
    • Keep the bottle vertical. Do not spray horizontally or downwards.
    • After each use, clean the spray head after each use and place back into the protective cap.



    Rhino-Pflüger® nasal spray should not be used for more than 6 weeks after first use.

    Consult your doctor if symptoms persist after 14 days of use



Rated 5 out of 5 stars.