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No. 3 Ferrum Phosphate 12X (for Immune Support)

No. 3 Ferrum Phosphate 12X (for Immune Support)


Regarded as the “Oxygen Carrier“, Phosphate of Iron is beneficial for any inflammatory or feverish condition. Beneficial during the first stage of acute diseases, common cold, bronchitis, respiratory infection, acute rheumatism, etc. Iron assists in maintaining normal body resistance to disease and guard against infections during flu season.

  • Product Info

    DHU Schuessler Salts 

    200 tablets

    1 tablet (260mg) contains 250mg Ferrum Phosphate 12X

    Contains lactose

  • How to take

    Tablets should be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. If necessary, tablets can be dissolved in a little bit of water.

    Dosage The usual dose is 1-2 tablets 3-6 times a day.


    * Everyone is unique. Please ask your healthcare professional in case of questions regarding dosage and how to take the salts.

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